Infinities Will Make You Cry

Where Einstein feared to tread.

The Antennae Galaxies are undergoing a collisi...

Even if you’re not sitting around contemplating either the very large or the very small universe, you owe it to yourself to watch this and then go to YouTube and subscribe to acapellascience.

The probabilities are endless. Galaxies colliding inside the head of a pin.

And if you want to know how to say hello in Russian, you can find out here.

Say that again?

I just wanted a simple answer so I’d know what the program called “Silverlight” that someone loaded on my computer at the factory is. So I found a Microsoft Silverlight FAQ page, and here’s what I got:

What is Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is a powerful tool for creating and delivering rich Internet applications and media experiences on the Web. Silverlight 5 builds on the foundation of Silverlight 4 for building business applications and premium media experiences. Silverlight 5 introduces more than 40 new features, including dramatic video quality and performance improvements as well as features that improve developer productivity.

Oh. Can’t wait for my next media experience. . . I think. I also wonder how many old features there were. I guess if I had watched Assassin’s Bullet the other night with Silverlight it might have improved Donald Sutherland’s performance.

See how much you can get from a simple answer.


Things I Don’t Know — Part 1

This could become the longest multi-part post series on record. Think of it as an intellectual scavenger hunt. No prizes. Just a bit of research fun and an isolated bit of information that could come in handy someday when you run out of small talk at a backyard barbecue.

So what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I ask what don’t I know? (It’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, so that’s where this question is coming from. I don’t actually spend that much time thinking about the Royal Family.)

QUESTION: Who proposed to Whom? Was it Phillip or was it his third cousin Elizabeth?