This is too good not to share.

A big thank you to my son Jason who found this and shared it on his Facebook page. (I’m not at all a fan of Facebook. I joined only so I could see pictures of my grand kids that some how don’t get circulated other than on Facebook. But that’s a subject for another post.)

If you have seven minutes, I highly recommend watching this short film. And if you don’t have seven minutes, why are you so busy? Take time out — soon — and come back and watch. You’ll be very glad that you did.


The Artist’s Focus

This is from an essay on Ingmar Bergman by John Simon published in the September 1972 issue of Film Comment. I’d like to hear your thoughts on it, especially on its implications for the artistic process.

“But no film maker — or novelist or painter [or poet(?)] — should be expected to concern himself with all facets of human experience, nor need he examine more than one at a time.”