Watch This Space . . .

Yesterday, I posted a notice on Facebook  that I was closing my account at some point within the next two weeks. I am also on the verge of making a similar announcement about my Twitter account followed by closing my LinkedIn site. For many of us, the social networks are neither social nor real networks. They steal our time, they steal our independence, they even change who we are. And what makes it insidious is we choose to let it happen. I choose not to let it happen to me any more than it already has.

I’m not abandoning the internet. I am not giving up on making contact with others within the virtual realm we’ve watched grow up around us. But as much as possible, I want the choices to be mine. So I am keeping this blog. And I am continuing to browse, to follow sites that provide information I need (without taking more from me than I willingly provide), to communicate through email and other apps.

The point is we don’t have to give up ourselves to become and to stay involved. And we don’t have to become like the parade of school kids in Pink Floyd’s The Wall. We can be connected and still be ourselves. I hope you think so too.


7 thoughts on “Watch This Space . . .

  1. Interestingly, we’re so attached to these “social” sites that we feel obligated to let people know that we’re checking out of them… What other websites do we do that with? I mean, I guess there is a certain human interaction element to them, but still… I got a new phone a while back and when I set it up I never activated FB notifications, and for a long time did the same with Instagram, I now only go to FB when I think to go look it up and scroll through the notifications, I just hardly ever think of it anymore. I think changing my profile and background images was really just a way of reaching out to let people know I’m still here and I’m still doing OK. Other than that,,,, man… I got a LOT of time back by not being prompted to even look at it. Love you Dad. Can’t wait to see more in here.

  2. Hi Joe, I have been quite conflicted about continuing to be on FB also. As someone who needs to reach out to grow my business, I’d like to know more about how to accomplish that without use of FB and TW.

    • Hi, Peg. First, let me say your Web site, which I just looked at this morning, is a great promotional tool filled with interesting ideas and hooks that will bring people back. Nice work. But how do you reach out to find people and bring them to your business is a tough question to answer. First, though, you pulled me back in this morning primarily just by touching base. Let’s brainstorm on this and see how much of ourselves we don’t have to surrender to someone else’s control in order to get through to the people we want to get through to.

      • Hi Joe, Iwould love to brainstorm with you on this topic. The timing is perfect as I’m getting with my marketing person on Aug 6 and I’d like mohave clearer idea of which platforms I’m going to put my energy into.
        Do you have a time to chat this week? I’m pretty flexible.

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