First, you’ve got to clear your head. Because your head just keeps saying things that aren’t true. Well they are true most of the times you’re saying them. But sometimes like last Wednesday, they aren’t true. That was the day I saw the biggest, most beautiful butterfly I’d ever seen….

All orange and yellow, brown and black flitting from one flower to another. The long purple-rose colored flowers on the butterfly bush I didn’t even know was there or must have forgotten that it was planted there several years ago. Or maybe it was there all those years from the time we bought the house. I just never looked at it, so I never saw it. But last Wednesday I looked, and not everything was gray. Not everything was black. Not everything was dark like on a lonely night. The day was suddenly filled with colors of all kinds. It simply was bursting with brightness and color and smiles. There wasn’t anyone else there but me and the butterfly. So those had to be my smiles. So clear your head first, and then look at something for the first time. (Even if you’ve seen it all before.)

Blogger’s Note: The above post and the one before it are from a work in progress called The Wisdoms of Putz. © 2017 by Joseph Saling and The New Word Mechanic. All rights reserved.

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