3 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts 1

  1. Writing is becoming a lost art. I think of books such as The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O’Conner in which we can read the warmth and depth of her correspondence.

    I think of my own letter writing of the past in which I used letters to friends as an opportunity to bring my thoughts together in a coherent organized document. I think of my own lack of letter writing these days.

    I think of George Wills’ comment years ago about email; “We are developing more and more sophisticated means of sending less and less sophisticated messages.” (and that was before tweet & twitter)

    I wonder if they teach letter-writing in high schools anymore? Can you imagine picking up a book that is a compilation of tweets from George Clooney? Or The Twitters of John Grisham?

    • Sorry for interrupting, but I can’t find “wellwith” defined anywhere… and that isn’t all that is wrong with that sentence. What has happened to writing?

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